Authentic, performance-driven and responsible

Great customer care, qualified staff and well-established business contacts to renowned international partners create the ideal base for TARGA to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers at all times. We always focus on humanity and good conduct on an internal as well as external basis when working on reaching our defined aims.


An expression often used but rarely lived, but so much gained when applied. Cooperation is not only required in good times. Especially when times are tough and things are difficult is it vital to resolve problems by cooperating with each other. Those are the situations when trust is gained by fair treatment, the basis of a healthy relationship. Therefore, we do not just promote and value long-term cooperation with producers and trading partners, but also the respectful conduct with people inside and outside our company. By means of extensive product evaluation and a well-established cooperation with experienced partners like ASIG, TÜV-Süd, EMV Testhaus and OBL, we are able to offer retailers as well as consumers an optimum of product safety. This enables us to combine quality and reliability with the idea of partnership in the most sensible way.


It is, of course, our aim to be successful on a long-term basis. For us, that means convincing our customers on a day-to-day basis that they will also benefit from cooperating with us in the future. Starting with day-to-day contact and order processing based on friendliness and appreciation on both parts. We aiming to understand our customers’ requirements and meet the demand to an optimum. Especially important to us is to spot trends early and develop suitable and attractive product solutions in cooperation with our European and Asian partners.  Such innovations resemble urgent needs as they meet sophisticated demands. They are necessary as they point out new perspectives. They make sense as they increase our customers’ competitiveness. That is our understanding of being customer-driven. Our trading partners show their appreciation for our efforts in trustful and long-term cooperation.

Competent employees

A successful company requires energy, activity and performance as much as up-to-date technical equipment. We expect not just professionalism of our employees when solving their tasks but also a high level of enthusiasm and passion. For us, it is natural that employees with direct external contacts know how to continuously improve the cooperation with suppliers and know how to support our customers efficiently. Everybody is an expert in their field. Competent and at ease when fulfilling their tasks. Settled and relaxed even in stressful situations. Friendly at all times. It is only natural that these expectations require corporate surroundings based on team spirit and fairness for everybody’s gain.