A free run for a logical concept

Motion, speed and punctual supply are the key points of our cross-continental logistics. At the same time, they are markers of a working environment occupying several services in all parts of the world to keep the exchange of goods going. In other words: logistics is a diverse and complex structure and therefore requires internal and external experts on the part of the producer as well as the trading company who are familiar with all aspects of the industry. By expanding our own capacity and in cooperation with a long-standing partner network, we have established a logistics system consisting of a centralized warehouse management and favourably located distribution locations as well as specialized competencies for deliveries by plane, ship or by road. This means that efficient planning as well as control of the entire material and product flow is ensured. As a certified economic operator and given the benefits regarding customs clearance, scheduled operations within the supply chain and on time deliveries in Germany and Europe are ensured.