Renowned institutes as neutral controlling bodies

Prior to including a product into our product range, the products undergo several test procedures. We ensure that our quality demands not just theoretically determine the guidelines of development and production, but are also practically applied one by one. On the one hand, this means a great effort, on the other, it is essential in order to meet our customers’ needs and expectations: perfect functionality and the optimum of quality safety. For that reason, each product is tested regarding fitness for use, safety, electromagnetic compatibility and chemicals (additives). We cooperate with renowned institutes such as OBL, ASIG, EMV-Testhaus, TÜV-Süd, VDE and others for the evaluation of our products. This ensures internationally accepted test procedures, results which also meet objective criteria and leaves no doubt regarding production readiness of the tested product. Also at the next stage, nothing is left to chance. Some employees of our agency in Shenzhen are appointed to permanently control the production process from start to finish. An optimum of effort.